You will also receive a seasonal trend report that is relevant to the coming season!

If you want more info on exactly how to wear the trends customised uniquely to you, I can create a Personalised Style Guide for you. I am an international trend correspondent for Trendstop based in the UK,  I will help you navigate the many trends and educate you on dressing to look your very best.


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Jeans are a classic and go to look for most! Some people see it as a default look although jeans are one of the most versatile looks for dressing up and down while keeping an effortless, I woke up like this, look!

What I hear from most of my clients when I meet with the...

One of the best Tran-Seasonal options you can invest in is the "Black Tie Blazer"

Having a denim Maxi in your wardrobe, to me, is a must have staple. Weather you are a Classic girl, have a bohemian edge or like the softer Romantic vibes, fear not as each of my 5 Style ID's  Classic, Contemporary, Romantic, Fashion Forward and Bohemian, can wear this...

Footwear fashion is currently ALL about the white boot and styling them up is easy. 

Just like the white sneaker, the white boot can be teamed with almost ANY look. Replace your little black or tan booty with this white number for an easy-to-wear trend. It doesn’t req...

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